In the beginning, There is pain!

Old Liniment/Wine fermentation process.

How it all happened

It all started when I was looking for a solution to ease my mother's gout pain that is on her left heel. but I was helpless because her health condition doesn't allow her to take any oral painkillers or drugs. She was in so much pain and I was so desperate for an answer. Suddenly I remembered we have a pot of liniment that was left behind by my late father. We come from a pugilist family background. Making Liniment for body conditioning is very common in those days. So I took some and slowly applied it hoping she could feel better with the placebo effect. After a few mins, she wasn't tearing anymore and managed to fell asleep. Then long story short, I gave some to my friends that have gout and they all experience the same quick relieve. Then with years of research and trials. We have succeeded in making a liniment that is specifically for gout.